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Spending time interacting in nature with horses on a variety of levels from simple touching and petting to learning how to groom which will help in building self awareness, self confidence and self discipline. Our EquiTouch program promotes co-operation and teamwork, allowing individuals to increase their concentration, decision making skills memory recall, problem solving and patience while enhancing one’s own personal image.

Adult EquiTouch

This program was started in the summer of 2013 and provided time for those adults suffering from depression and stress. The program allows each individual time with an equine that they chose or sometimes the equine chooses them. The adults have their time to groom, walk and talk with their new founded friend while the stress and fears of the day take a rest. The program is showing a lot of smiles and happy faces.

In EquiTouch, horses are used as tools to gain self-understanding and emotional growth.  It recognizes the bond between animals and humans and the potential for emotional healing that can occur when a relationship is formed between the two species.  In most cases, the horses are not ridden, and usually are not tethered in the arena, but allowed to roam free.  Exercises can be as simple as giving the client a halter, and letting them figure out how to approach the horse and put it on. 

Just having time to be with your horse is what makes the difference.

EquiTime with Our Families

Family time is always a great time. Why not come to the farm and enjoy nature with some miniature horses. This is an opportunity for families to play together. There is something about animals and families that go together. Come book an hour or two with one or two minis. Lots of picture taking and lots of laugh’s that is a guarantee.

To register to be a part of any of these programs email us or call 705.626.4744.