Elite Programs

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Elite Independent Riding

This program provides one on one riding time under the skillful eye of our Whinnying In Life riding coach Christine Faux. Our participants learn the basics of horsemanship, western and dressage. Our clients learn the proper way to prepare their horses and themselves for their lessons, but proper grooming skills, saddling and bridling of their horses. Practice time is available for all independent riders to ensure their development continues. Our year end show is the highlight to show family and friends just what was accomplished throughout the summer.

Elite Driving

This program has several levels and provides our participants the opportunity to learn proper care of equipment and harnessing of horses.  Driving horses is a skill by itself and our participants learn the proper and safe skills needed to drive down trails and enjoy a leisurely drive through nature. Those with more experience have the opportunity to attend shows and also become the mentors for the new participants who are eager to learn all they can.  This program is open to persons of all ages as well as those clients with physical disabilities as well as they get to trail down our nature trails just like everyone else. No precious experience in necessary and everyone enjoys there cart rides when they are here.

Elite Summer Camp

During the months of July and Aug. every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday will see our Elite program in full bloom. Some of our participants come for the 3 days while other choose their days that best suit them. From 09:30 till 4:00 you will see our participants engage in crafts, games and horse related activities. Our purpose is to provide new friendships and a place where they all belong bringing memories for years to come.

To register to be a part of this program email us or call 705.626.4744.